Lotd#522 News + NEW MIMI AO by Vista

Inspired by: The Birthday Massacre - Walking with Strangers


Skin: Essences {Quinn01} Medium02 *brunette* N E W@TDRF
Hair: [LCKY] Winter I N E W@THE BIG SHOW
Septum ring: MONS Meow septum ring Gold
Beanie: [BODY FACTORY] Frozzen Beanie (Black) N E W@The Frozzen Fair
Jacket n Shirt: SPIRIT - Vector biker jacket&shirt N E W@TMD
Pants: SPIRIT - Vector pants unisex [BLACK] N E W@TMD
Earrings: [7891.] Guru - Black&Gold N E W
Pet: .tsg. Yorkie Collar - Caramel gacha N EW@The Arcade
Boots: .tsg. Preppy Boot - Caramel N EW

Im honest when i say i LOVE the new AO by VISTA Animations, is sexy, kawaii, daring, its a new must have on sl.
I cant make videos cause i suck,  n since my friend left sl i dont have anyone to make it to me, anyway i took these pictures to show a bit of the several options u get in this new Ao.

The new funny thing are the celphone with selfie pose animatons, i just love it! Take a look in those gifs i made to have an idea about what im talking:

Gif 1: http://gyazo.com/936f75c76e63ecf088f5e29196ed8eef

Gif 2: http://gyazo.com/c956293d939b31c4bc8675e350490447

Official infos about the New MIMI AO:


-NEW! We added a selfys mobile (included in your folder, touch it to activate the selfy)  ;)

-NEW! One girl girl couple dance

-Select the stands depending on your mode:  RELAX, FORMAL, TEASING OR ALL(VISTA ANIMS)

-Animations improved with our new professional mocap system at Mocap Bcn/Vista

-20 long play stands. Larger performance with more freedom of poses.

-Improved breathing effect.

-Couple system included and preloaded with 6 couple animations. Add more from our successful Vista Mocap system if you desire!

-Accessories friendly: Use your handbags or whatever during your stands, walks turns or run

-Mesh friendly: Made and tested to respect your mesh clothing. (Always that is correctly rigged...)

-18 stands, 8 walks, 1 run, 5 sits, 6 grounds, jumps flights and dances. More than 54 new animations!

Official Video: 

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