sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2014

LOTD#512 Hater

Inspired by:  koRn - Hater 

Skin: Essences {Galadriel} *medium01* blonde

Hair: Exile::Day The World Went Away
Scarf: [BODY FACTORY] Urban Mask (Black)  N E W@The Swag Fest 2
Top: [LF] Looped Neon Top Black N E W@The Thrift Shop
Pants: Spirit Store - Swag leggings Black N E W@The Swag Fest 2
Belt: [The Forge] Stomach Harness Female
Googles: Obscure - Hancock Flyer Goggles (Black) RARE Gacha
Horns: Obscure - Spriral big Horn Silver N E W
Gloves: Obscure - Knit ripped Armwarm
Paldrons: [The Forge] Iron Clad Pauldron, (Black)
Backpack: [BODY FACTORY] Arlong BackPack (Wings) Shotgun N E W
Knee Pad: dl:: Knee Guards  L with cigaret
Shoes: Blah. (My Elevated Getas) Latex Black 

domingo, 7 de setembro de 2014

LOTD#511 Something Special

Inspired By: The Birthday Massacre - Leaving Tonight

Skin:Essences {Linka02} *medium01* blonde N E W@TDRF
Hair:+Spellbound+ Jezebel // Monochromes
Face piece: -DRD- geekmania - cybernetic face RARE @TheArcadeGacha
Piercing:.Pekka. Anti-Hazard Unisex Piercing [SILVER]
Collar: (Bowtique) Spiked Collar (Gold)
Tattoo: .Identity.  - Life's A Jungle [Faded]  N E W@The Big Show
Bodysuit: .PANIK. Trio Body - Noir N E W@The Big Show
Belt: [ Obscure ] - Bang!ThigBag N E W@Cosmopolitan
Socks:[LF] Sinner Garter & Socks Ripped Blood N E W
Horns: Obscure .Spiral Horns N E W
Shoes: Bens Boutique - Maleficent Pumps Mint N E W
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail

sexta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2014

Alchemy Puppy Family *- *

Inspired By:  the rootless - One day (one piece opening 13)

Its impossible dont fall in love for these avatars by Alchmey for The Arcade Gacha, They are extremely cute, the acessories, everything, im totally in love! I love wear my kitty to shoping now lol, so if u see a cute kitty around can be me! I hope u like my post see ya dolss <3

Cat Avatar:Alchemy/Birdy - Puss (Girl) -  Avatar  RARE N E W@TAG
Pug Avatar:Birdy/Alchemy - Pug (Girl) - Avatar  N E W@TAG
Fox Pet: Alchemy/Birdy - Fox (Boy) - Companion N E W@TAG

quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2014

LOTD#510 Dreams&Nightmares

Inspired by:  the GazettE [DIM] - 08. 紅蓮

Skin: Essences {Galadriel} *medium01* brown
Shape: My Own! Not for sale.
Hair and Crown: ~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair - Persephone - Solstice @C88
Dress: _CandyDoll_ Twist Dress/Corstet/Belt N E W@Uber
Septum Ring: MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style14) N E W
Scarf: [BODY FACTORY] Realm Scarf (Dark-Gold)
Shoulder Pads: [LF] Lion Knight Armor Shoulder Black/Gold
Arm Pads: [The Forge] Iron Clad Bracer,(Gold)
Hands: RO - Azrael Gauntlets
Wings: RO - Elysium - Legion
Garter and Sting: [LF] Sinner Garter & Socks N E W@District 5
Socks: _CD_ Twist Socks Black N E W@Uber
Boots: _CD_Punisher Black

segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2014

LOTD#509 Felling complete

Inspired By: Wake me Up - (Boyce Avenue Cover)

Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Salina ] - [ Dolly milk TDRF] N E W
Shape: My Own, Not for sale
Hair:Magika [01] Harmony
Septum ring: MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style12) N E W
Headband: [LF] Flower in Chains Headband Orange Gacha
Pants: Spirit Store - Gwen boyfriend jeans [LIGHT BLUE] N EW@TSF2
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Kara Wooden Beaded NEW@Fameshed
Watch: [LF] Whats Up! Metal Watch Gold AF V2 Soon@The Showroom
Shoes: KITJA CHERIE - Swag Sandals BEIGE N EW@TSF2
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop - Lost Myself
Bag: [7891.] Moxchino - Vintage Jacket Bag - White - RARE

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

BRB! Vacation Time..

Hey guys, this post it's a see ya :3 cause me and Deco are going to be away next days. We are going to take a vacation together, and we plan to be back around 2 weeks. We made this post to show u some news by Spirit Store, Barmaley, Alchemy, CandyDoll, Moncheri, Peqe n others, i hope u like it, and see you soon!

On Louise:

Hair: Magika [03] Serene
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop - Lost Myself  N E W
Bodysuit: Spirit Store - Fun bodysuit [GOLD] N E W
Scarf: Peqe - Twisted Stole_Grey N E W
Bangles: *MC* Alma Bangle Set Black.Gold N E W
Shoes: _CD_ Celeste Black - Slink High Feet N E W@Chapter 4
Pet: Alchemy/Birdy - Chi Chi Chihuahua - Spike - Black N E W@Chapter 4

On Deco:

Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Pierce Basic Skins
Shape:  [BODY FACTORY] Shape Pierce Samurai Collection
Hair: *Dura-Boy*51(Black) N E W
Shirt: [ BarmaleY ] T-shirt_Compos_BloodBlack N E W
Jacket: [ BarmaleY ] shirt_Compos_Black N E W
Shorts: [ BarmaleY ] jean_Mutang N E W
Sandals:[BODY FACTORY] Street Sandals (Black) N E W

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

LOTD#507 Kaisoku!

Im in love with this new outfit by Alchemy for TFGC, i love the theme, and well, who know me, knows i love animes, and atm im watching an anime (with Deco <3 luv u)  called "One Piece". Kaisoku means pirate on japanese, so i made my tribute for my fav anime today *.* Well i hope u like my look and run to take urs savvy?

Shape: [BODY FACTORY] Madison Shape
Hair: eXxEsS : LIBUSSA Mesh Hair
Outfit: Alchemy - Pirate Wench N E W@ TFGC
Pets: Alchemy - Mr. Shmee RARE / Alchemy -  Jack The Monkey  RARE N E W@ TFGC
Shoes & Mesh Socks: _CD_ Windie Blueberry