New face by Essences+ hard times

For who follow my blog, amd also the amazing designers that suport me, i just can say sorry. Its being hard to find time to blog and since my pc started to mess with me this is being crazy. Blog is something i really love so i miss this so much :( Specially when i receive those beautys like thsi new skin by Essences from Uber. I blog for Essences for a time and i must to say with no doubts its amazing how much quality her skins have specially now with the new body line its amazing! Im in love with this new release and i hope show u more in the next posts. Ty for all who comes on my im asking me about my blog, tysm for all the compliments this is what motivates me every day.

Skin: Essences {Ingrid - Uber} Pale01 *ginger* NEW@Uber
Necklace: [LF] Glam necklace for TSR coming soon

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